How the heck do I wash my items!?

Each item I make is made out of a different collection of fibers. Some will be 100% cotton where as some will be 50% acrylic and 50% wool. I have worked with alpaca, organic cotton, and other materials.

So with all the variety of blends, I've made a guide to washing each one.

Under each item there is a washing guide, but for all handmade items the best thing to do is handwash. It will always be best to handwash and either hang to dry or lay flat.

Why does it take you so long to ship out!

In short, everything you see I make by hand. Meaning that every stich is done by hand. This is a super time consuming process but leaves you with an amazing product!

Depending on how many orders I am currently working on and how much school I have, things tend to take longer. So please be patient and note that I will be sending update emails/messages as your item is being constructed!

There is a slightly more collaborative approach (usually involving pictures after every step and a larger choices of colour/material) with custom orders that I will go over with you before your purchase!

Shipping is taking forever!!!

Trust me, as someone who has been using postal services consitantly for the last 4 years, I know it takes a long time. I try my best to get your order shipped out ASAP but I am not in control of the time it takes.

I ship everything tracked so you are able to see where your item is and get updates on when it will be ariving.

What's your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of my products, it is unhygenic and impractical to accept returns. All of my customers should expect that their clothing is new and unworn.

This is why it's so important to reach out about any questions or concerns you may have. I will try my very best to resolve them!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! I do! custom orders are my absoloute favourite projects to work on and over the years I have made many projects for others which they have thoroughly enjoyed. If you're looking for some of my old custom works feel free to check out my instagram (crisiscrochet) for inspiration!

Once you have made a decision please message me on Instagram or through email, I tend to respond quicker through Instagram, and we can go through your ideas and the estimated price.

Why is everything so expensive!

The easiest anwser to this question is because I hand make everything.

I don't use a machine nor do I have a factory that I buy things from. I pay myself minimum wage, and with that I have been able to provide for myself and start to fund for university. Every stitch, detail, and colour is hand picked and made by myself. Meaning that there are countless hours being spent joyfully creating your item.

When you are buying from me, you are directly buying my creation and my work.

Are you really eco-concious?

Yes, I try to be. Over time I've begun to more and more drift towards an eco-concious lifestyle.

If I have a choice between more expensive biodegradable shipping materials vs less expensive ones I will choose the eco-concious route. The same thing goes for the yarn I choose to work with, if the option is presented to myself I will make the more eco-concious choice.

Where are you located?

I am located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I often do markets during the summer time and I love to do local orders!

What kind of yarn do you use?

As I've mentioned in previous posts I only work with natural materials. In some cases, using a synthetic material mixed with a natural one will make a stronger and more long lasting piece.

For example in a toque (50% acrylic 50% wool) it will allow you to have an easier time washing the toque, it will holds its shape longer and won't be as itchy.

Questions not anwsered? contact us!